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There will be two modalities of the Partnership’s country-level engagement: working with and through national affiliates. The programmatic engagement of the APEVAC at the national level will not only focus on supporting the establishment or strengthening of government-led national multi-sectoral child protection co-ordinating bodies but also on building local capacity for mobilizing national action. Hence, in collaboration with its national affiliates, the APEVAC will:

  • advocate for strengthened political will at the national level on ending violence against children through promoting the agenda of the APEVAC;
  • support government to develop and/or implement their national strategy/roadmaps on ending violence against children;
  • improve coordinated action to end violence against children at central and sub-national levels, including at district and country levels;
  • promote the active participation of communities, families and children in the development and implementation of a national agenda to end violence against children;
  • support the wide dissemination and use of the INSPIRE package as one of the key globally-recognized standards for ending violence against children; and work towards ensuring accountability for the implementation of SDG 16.2 and all other relevant targets, Aspiration 6 of the AU Agenda 2063 and Aspiration 7 of Africa’s Agenda for Children 2040.

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  • Email: secretariat@endviolenceinafrica.org
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